About NixCore

NixCore is a company dedicated to providing solid Linux Computer on Module (COM) boards for product development and embedded software development.

We took a look at the current environment of COMs, development boards, and Internet of Things solutions available to professional engineers and found a lack of powerful, flexible, documented and low cost processors boards. NixCore was created to address this gap in the market and provide engineers with tools that will allow them to develop powerful Linux enabled products quickly.

We have visited the electronics markets of Shenzhen, China and identified board manufacturers with solid engineering solutions. We have worked with these partners to deliver quality boards and added to these offerings with solid software engineering, providing stable and tested Linux images and utilities. The initial offerings from NixCore are third party sourced processor boards. As we expand we will be designing the next generation of wireless, low-energy, high processing power Linux boards in the USA.

Target Users

The primary users of NixCore boards are professionals who want to create new products, or add WiFi or Linux capability to existing products. Designing new Linux enabled embedded systems from the ground up is a large task, with hundreds of hours of hardware design, board support package development, build issues, and software development. With the NixCore Linux system boards already developed and available, development costs decrease due to reduced hardware and software design time. Additionally, since the NixCore products are available today, embedded software teams can start development before specialized product hardware is available, speeding up the development process

Documentation and flexibility are the primary focuses for NixCore. We strive to provide all information needed for anyone to use our products with the least amount of effort. Contrary to existing embedded Linux systems available today, we not only provide multiple functional Linux images, but full documentation, Buy Provigil Online and code to building custom system images from scratch. NixCore implements industry standard Linux distributions with hundreds of software packages available to designers. Our products ship with functional firmware and are ready to run out of the box.

About Us

NixCore is based in Denver, Colorado, USA and houses all software engineering in house.

We believe in open and honest communication. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions for our products.

Thank you,
NixCore Product Team

GPL Compliance

NixCore is fully GPL compliant, we provide a list of all open source projects that we use in the NixCore systems, as well as modified code. See our GPL page for details.